IChing-Hexagram-25Hexagram 25-Sky over Thunder-Unexpected, Spontaneous, Openness. Be yourself. Act naturally, and without expectation or ambition. Be open to inspiration and unexpected good fortune.

IChing-Hexagram-26Hexagram 26-Mountain over Sky-Control, Harnessing Power, Taking the Reins. You are involved with powerful energies now. Be bold and exert control. Stay in charge. Take care of business. Take the bull by the horns. Now is the time to cross the river. Take charge of your life.

IChing-Hexagram-27Hexagram 27-Mountain over Thunder-Feedback, Fulfillment, Nourishment. What inside of yourself are you nourishing, and why? Once you are clear on what you are nourishing, you can then use it to nourish others. Distinguish between need and greed, self-development and self-indulgence, junk food and real food.

IChing-Hexagram-28Hexagram 28-Lake over Tree-Pressure, Tension, Transcendence. Overwhelmed and drowning. The water-logged roof beam sags. Free yourself of any burdens you’re carrying and move one. Be prepared t stand alone for a while.

IChing-Hexagram-29Hexagram 29-Water over Water. Abyss, Crisis, Pitfall. A crisis point; danger. Pitfall, a booby trap, a hole. Toiling alone in dangerous circumstances. If you can maintain an unshakable and abiding trust in your own sense of what’s right, you will succeed.

IChing-Hexagram-30Hexagram 30-Fire over Fire-Nurturance, Reliance, Shining. Mutual support. In order to shine forth brilliantly, fire must cling to its source of energy. What do you depend on which strengthens you? When you know what this is and nurture it, you too will shine in your brilliance.

IChing-Hexagram-31Hexagram 31-Lake over Mountain. Influence, Incisive, Sensitivity. Give and take, influencing and being influenced. Being sensitive to others’ moods. Use penetrating and decisive action to get your point across.

IChing-Hexagram-32Hexagram 32-Thunder over Tree-Purposeful, Constant, Persistent. Continue in pursuit of your goal, for you are blessed in this. Persevere, in spite of any obstacles you encounter. See the project through. You will find your way.