IChing-Hexagram-1Hexagram 1-Sky over Sky-Cause, Power, Creativity. Creative power is manifest everywhere. You are in a powerful position here. If you are contemplating a particular move, go for it, and do not hesitate! This is intention without reservation, for there are no Yin lines here.

IChing-Hexagram-2Hexagram 2-Earth over Earth-Relaxing, Following, Responsive-Go with the flow and contribute to the motion. Acquiesce to the course of action proposed, play along, and support it. This is not a time to assert your will! This is the time to be the unmoving mover at the center of it all.

IChing-Hexagram-3Hexagram 3-Water over Thunder-Plans Ahead-Planning, Organizing, Problem-Solving-Make careful preparations before setting-out, and get your act together before you make your move. There may be problems starting out, but these may be unavoidable and need to be dealt-with before any further progress can be made. If you’ve already made your move, make further adjustments before going any further.

IChing-Hexagram-4Hexagram 4-Mountain over Water-Beginner’s Luck-Unknowing, Learning, Beginning. Keep your perspective innocent and fresh; know how to adopt ‘beginners-mind.’ Be willing to learn How much do you need to know in order to survive?

IChing-Hexagram-5Hexagram 5-Water over Sky-Waiting for Opportunity-Pausing, Waiting, Anticipation. The rain has made the river impassable. Practice patience, and wait for the waters to subside. You will know when to make your move, but now is not it.

IChing-Hexagram-6Hexagram 6-Sky over Water-Making Demands/Stating Your Case-Conflict, Dissension, Confrontation. Coming before someone with authority over you to make your case. You’re not in a strong-enough position to get your way. Be willing, therefore, to compromise and go to mediation, if necessary.

IChing-Hexagram-7Hexagram 7-Earth over Water-the Lone Warrior-Honor, Loyalty, Integrity. Adopt the way of the warrior here. Advance with courage and discipline. Show personal integrity and responsibility, even if not in a position of authority. Great things will be accomplished if you can do this.

IChing-Hexagram-8Hexagram 8-Water over Earth-We Stand Together-Teamwork. Agreement, Friendship. Belonging to a group, or having friends, is the best protection in times of trouble. Security if found in sharing responsibilities with others. Chose your friends carefully, and demand more than partial involvement; are your friends dependable and trustworthy? Now might be a good time to find out.