IChing-Hexagram-40Hexagram 41-Mountain over Lake-Letting Go, Cleaning Out, Simple. Eliminating unneeded possessions and unrewarding activities or people makes room in your life for what is valuable. This is a time and situation where less is more. Get more done with less effort. This is not a time for extravagant gestures.

IChing-Hexagram-42Hexagram 42-Tree over Thunder-Benefit, Increase, Expansion. Go ahead with your plans; you now have the energy to do something which demands courage and daring. If you lack something, add it. Now is a time of increase and benefit.

IChing-Hexagram-43Hexagram 43-Lake over Sky-Determination, Revelation, Breakthrough. Now is the time to openly declare your intentions, and where you stand. Differences are being defined, sides taken, and battle-lines drawn. An influential person make be against you. Handle this determinedly and either separate from them, or otherwise deal with them.

IChing-Hexagram-44Hexagram 44-Sky over Tree-Intrusions, Encounter, Undermining. Expect the unexpected. Some disturbing or disruptive influence has arrived on the scene, and inserted itself into the normal state of affairs.

IChing-Hexagram-45Hexagram 45-Lake over Earth-Joining In, Gathering, Integration. A place of rest and healing, such as a copse of trees, a grove, or a meeting place. You’re in a time, place or stage of recovery or healing, as if after a period of illness or recuperating from an injury. Nurture yourself right now, gather your scattered pieces and get your act together.

IChing-Hexagram-46Hexagram 46-Earth over Tree-Arising, Growth, Moving Up. This is not a sudden or aggressive movement, more like the growing plant gently nudging the earth aside in order to reach the surface where sunlight and air are. You’re favored for a promotion of some sort. Do not be afraid to make a move, or to go see someone influential.

IChing-Hexagram-47Hexagram 47-Lake over Water-Depleted, Burnt Out, Exhausted. You’re running on empty. You’re at a dead end. You may be feeling a sense of futility and isolation, because what you say isn’t being believed. This is also a hexagram indicating weariness, anxiousness, or difficulty. This is one of those character-builder moments. Hold tight to your deepest convictions and you’ll get through this challenge.

IChing-Hexagram-48Hexagram 48-Water over Tree-Source, The Well, Resources. The cooperative sharing and protection of mutually-held resources, such as a village well. Drinking from the well of life. You can move the town, but not the well, so movement may be a little restricted. Remember, in order benefit from a resource, it must be accessible, and in good working order.