IChing-Hexagram-49Hexagram 49-Lake over Fire-Reform, Inner Change, Distillation, Revolution. Something is being changed or refined here, and molded into a different shape. A metamorphosis is going on here. The snake shedding its old skin is another image of casting off the old for the new.

IChing-Hexagram-50Hexagram 50-Fire over Tree-Order, Structure, Security. The Chinese called this hexgram, ‘The Cauldron’ a symbol of security and safety, the pot cooking on the stove. Create order. Renew and regulate your energy. Find new ways of doing things, establish a new order.

IChing-Hexagram-51Hexagram 51-Thunder over Thunder-Shock, Surprise, Excitement. A sudden event, something quite unexpected. Scared, then excited. First terror, then laughter. There’s a subtle difference between excitement and terror. Some enjoy thunderstorms and some hide from them.

IChing-Hexagram-52Hexagram 52-Mountain over the Mountain-Stillness, Tranquility, Stability. Now is a time of stillness and tranquility; no hurry, no worry. Meditation and meditative activities are possible now, but remain mindful that stillness is a state of alert readiness. At peace, you remain aware of what is going on around you.

IChing-Hexagram-53Hexagram 53-Tree over the Mountain-Gradual Progress, Developing, Advance. A tree growing on the mountain. The Chinese describe this as the formal stages of a relationship: courtship, engagement, then the wedding. You’re making progress toward your goal, even if it doesn’t seem like it. Patiently progress stage-by-stage and you will achieve your end.

IChing-Hexagram-54Hexagram 54-Thunder over Lake-Impulsiveness, Passion, Flawed. An energetic, but possibly rash and premature display. You’re in danger of taking on too much, too soon, and making a hasty and reckless move, but, well, nothing ventured, nothing gained. What is life about, if not having the courage to take risks?

IChing-Hexagram-55Hexagram 55-Thunder over Fire-Plenty, Harvest, Abundance. Everything is going your way. You may not get this chance again, so be decisive, make it happen, and go for what you want. This is grab-the-brass-ring-time. Make hay while the sun shines, store as much of this abundance as you can for the lean times.

IChing-Hexagram-56Hexagram 56-Fire over Mountain-Traveling, Transition, Impermanent. This is not a long-term arrangement. You may be just passing through. You may literally be traveling. Remember when traveling, be polite, but also cautious and observant; you’re in a vulnerable position, so don’t expect too much. If it’s going to happen, it happens now, or not at all.