IChing-Hexagram-9Hexgram 9-Tree over Sky-Alert to the Signs-Interference, Intuition, Taking Precautions. The clouds are gathering, and it appears rain is on the way. Pay attention to your premonitions, and collect all the pieces of the puzzle before beginning. Overlooking the smallest warning sign that something is wrong could cost you.

IChing-Hexagram-10Hexagram 10-Sky over Lake-Taking Risks-Courage, Daredevil, Taking Risks. Storming the gates of Heaven. Treading on the tiger’s tail, but the tiger does not bite. The courage to take on a force greater than yourself. You can take a risk and get away with it at this time, if you are careful and have good reflexes.

IChing-Hexagram-11Hexagram 11-Earth over Sky-Right Action-Peace, Harmony, Benevolence. This hexagram literally symbolizes Heaven on Earth. You are in the right place at the right time. Small offerings at this time can bring big returns. Confidence and certainty in your actions brings success. Or, you have the inner power to do the right thing.

IChing-Hexagram-12Hexagram 12-Sky over Earth-Stopped, Powerless, Obstructed. Out-of-touch. Blocked; this can’t go on. The sky and the earth are in their proper places, but no interaction is going on; everything is stagnant. Untrustworthy and small-minded people are in charge. There is little, if anything, you can do. Only small wins are possible right now.

IChing-Hexagram-13Hexagram 13-Sky over Fire-Companionship, Sharing, Cooperation. Out in the open with friends. All for one and one for all. This hexagram is like-minded people getting together for a common purpose harmony, cooperation, synergy, and teamwork. Picture a group of friends sitting around a campfire under an open sky.

IChing-Hexagram-14Hexagram 14-Fire over Sky-Prosperity, Affluence, Possessions. Having it all. The great blessing of wealth. Wholeness, completeness, full-growth. You have good fortune, but are also called to do the right thing, and share your good fortune with others. Wealth makes great things possible.

IChing-Hexagram-15Hexagram 15-Earth over Mountain-Humility, Modesty, Gentleness. Neither seeking credit nor avoiding blame. Modesty is blessed with success. Simply do what needs to be done, without seeking any rewards for it. When one is confident, there’s no need to boast. Your actions aren’t accompanied by pride. The Chinese considered this hexagram to embody the finest human qualities.

IChing-Hexagram-16Hexagram 16-Thunder over Earth-Motivation, Inspiration, Encouragement. Appoint helpers and make your move. Let’s get this party started. You may have gotten stale, or in a rut. Find new inspiration in a fresh project. Sing and dance, if you have to; it’ll raise your spirits and energize you.