IChing-Hexagram-33Hexagram 33-Sky over Mountain. Retreat, Withdrawal, Sanctuary. Seclusion is the right action now, for there is safety there. Avoid the distractions of the social world right now. Retreat from sources of stress to regain your strength and sense of who you are.

IChing-Hexagram-34Hexagram 34-Thunder over Sky. Big and Strong, Opportunity, Breaking Free. A charging ram breaking out of its enclosure. A powerful person with a powerful sense of purpose now has the strength to break out of their confinement and shake things up. They must first be sure they’re doing the right thing.

IChing-Hexagram-35Hexagram 35-Fire over Earth. Success, Winning, Popularity. The king sees you three times in one day. Everybody loves a winner, and right now, you’re a winner. Enjoy it while it lasts and make the best of your good fortune, because nothing lasts forever.

IChing-Hexagram-36Hexagram 36-Earth over Fire. Damaged, Rejection, Invalidation. The prince jailed for criticizing his unworthy king had to pretend to be mad in order to survive. You are alone in your viewpoint right now, and under attack. You may not be able to defend yourself and may even doubt your reality. Hold onto your integrity, no matter how dark it gets; it may be all you have.

IChing-Hexagram-37Hexagram 37-Tree over Fire-Home, Family, Belonging. Family members, each doing their part to keep the household running. Join a social network that you support and that supports you. Find your place in the world—where do you belong?

IChing-Hexagram-38Hexagram 38-Fire over Lake-Solitary, Stranger, The Alienated. When in uncongenial company, the one feeling like an outsider looks around, because they don’t feel they belong. When you’re the odd-man-out, you can only do small things, make small improvements. Hold on to your uniqueness and individuality without becoming too self-obsessed, nor antagonistic toward the group which makes you feel like an outsider.

IChing-Hexagram-39Hexagram 39-Water over Mountain-Impasse, Barriers, Obstacles. Halting in the face of danger; something stands in your way. If you stumble, pull back to a safe position and re-assess. We find out who we really are when faced with difficulties. Stop and look within; you may need to let go of excess baggage in order to proceed any further.

IChing-Hexagram-40Hexagram 40-Relief, Escape, Freedom-Follow the line of least-resistance in this matter. If there’s something you have to do, do it quickly. If there’s nothing more for you to do, or any other place to go, then return home. Forgive yourself and others.