IChing-Hexagram-17Hexagram 17-Lake over Thunder-Pursuit, Ambition, The Chase. Go for it. The hunt will be successful. If there’s something you been wanting, this hexagram encourages you to take action, for the outcome will be successful. Fulfill your ambitions, follow your bliss.

IChing-Hexagram-18Hexagram 18-Mountain over Tree-Decay, Repair, Responsibility. Do what you must, and work on what needs fixing. This hexagram indicates there is something in your life which is suffering from deferred maintenance. Don’t defer the repair any longer. Get to it.

IChing-Hexagram-19Hexagram 19-Earth over Lake-Taking Action, Encounter, Involvement. Something is getting ready to happen, come into existence, or come to a head. Focus your energies, take action in order to benefit from the good times to come, and don’t forget to put something aside for a rainy day.

IChing-Hexagram-20Hexagram 20-Tree over Earth-Contemplation, Perspective, Observation. Instead of just plunging right in and going ahead, this hexagram encourages you to pause, prepare, and collect yourself before doing something important. Go into this with an alert and observing mind.

IChing-Hexagram-21Hexagram 21-Fire over Thunder-Effort, Determination, Making it go right. Stop avoiding the situation. Face it squarely and deal with it, with determination and perseverance. Discipline or corrective measures may be needed here.

IChing-Hexagram-22Hexgram 22-Mountain over Fire-Beauty, Celebration, Acceptance. A desire to join or become a part of something stable or established. So make the most of what you have on hand and who you are. Make an effort to present yourself as well as you can and be accepting of the other.

IChing-Hexagram-23Hexagram 23-Mountain over Earth-Falling Down, Disintegration, Separation. Something is splitting apart. A formerly-stable situation is eroding and deteriorating. Something has run its course and the breaking point has been reached. The image associated with this trigram, is of a person on a bed, where first the bed, then the person, is being hacked in two. The person will die horribly if they do not move. Accept that the end has come, and let go with blessings.

IChing-Hexagram-24Hexagram 24-Earth over Thunder-Return, Renewal, Rebirth. Coming back to life after a long sleep. Coming home after a journey, or returning to the main road after making a detour. You are faced with a new beginning and a fresh chance.