Divination Lessons

Teaching divination one method at a time.


This website is intended to introduce the reader to the many different ways people have employed divination (i.e., fortune-telling methods) down through the centuries as a way of communicating with the Divine and the Spirits.

As for my qualifications to do this, I’m a retired librarian and part-time diviner, who has always been interested in any new and different divination method or tool I come across. I see both pursuits as the same thing–connecting people with information. This site came into being as the result of one question in my mind, which refused to go away until I did something about it: if I was going to design a divination curriculum, how would I do it? I am a member of many years’ standing in Ar n’Draiocht Fein: A Druid Fellowship. Aside from that, I have no other qualifications–just an abiding interest in the subject, and the ability to dig for information.

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