Paydirt! Literally! Three 1-Euro coins!


For those currency systems with a twenty-cent coin instead of a twenty-five cent coin, see the PDF guide near the end of this lesson. The following list can largely be taken to apply as well:

  • Good luck is coming; there could be an important or crucial breakthrough soon.
  • Expect good things to happen in your life.
  • A major promotion may be coming.
  • Prepare for a major opportunity
  • This would be a lucky time to play the lottery or gamble.
  • Prosperity is coming, and your money worries will go away. A change in financial status.
  • A deceased loved one is looking out for you.
  • Your Guardian Angel is protecting you
  • There is healing coming to you, or a source of healing may be available to you right now.
  • Emotional stability; if you don’t have it now, it’s coming.
  • Answered prayers; if you recently made a wish or prayed for something, this is confirmation.
  • It’s time to start a new chapter in your life.
  • You’re in harmony with and supported by Universe.
  • A possible confirmation of the thoughts on your mind at the time you found it.
  • Twenty-five is the number of gain-through-strife. There may be a battle ahead, or a series of smaller skirmishes. You’ll eventually win, but you’ll have to work for it.

There is also a whole set of lore regarding where you found the unexpected twenty-five cent coin:

  • In your purse, pocket or wallet-you’re still in control of your finances and have the ability to manifest abundance.
  • On the ground-you will soon receive some unexpected money; either found, bestowed, or lottery win.
  • In between the couch or sofa cushions-a reminder to stay positive and hopeful, as good fortune is on its way.
  • Frequently found around the house-a wealth attractor and a sign of positive energy.
  • Random places around the house-could indicate the presence of ghosts who are looking out for you.
  • In a dream-good luck and fortune; you’re about to come into some money or have a stroke of luck.
  • On the floor of your bedroom-you might be about to experience a breakthrough in life. Things are about to get a whole lot better for you.
  • In a vending machine-don’t be careless. Another’s loss may be your gain.
  • In a graveyard-you will soon receive a warning about a future event.

One superstition I’ve found in connection with the finding of a twenty-five cent coin says the amount of money you’ll receive is dictated by the mint year on the coin. For example, a mint year of 1981 means you’ll receive $81 in the near-future. As with the one-cent and five-cent coins, if you find the twenty-five cent coin tails-side-up, it’s regarded as unlucky and you’re encouraged to turn it face-side-up and leave it for the next person.

Though this lore is only supposed to apply to the twenty-five cent coin, I think the whole thing of where you found the money should apply to just about any money you find. Certainly, where and how you found it should be taken into consideration, along with it’s denomination.


A rarer coin to find, there’s no specific lore I’ve found on the significance of the fifty-cent coin. Hazarding a guess based on the numerology, I would note that five is the number of change, adventure, freedom, excitement, liberation, travel, and technology, and zero is the God number. So finding a fifty-cent coin means this:

Step outside your comfort zone. You either are, or soon will be presented with the opportunity to take a significant risk, accept a dare, go on an adventure, or make a big change in your life. Know the divine support you in this, however scary or risky it looks. You will not fail, fall, die, or get lost, for the Spirits are there supporting you every step of the way. The bigger the risk, the bigger the reward. It may be time to upgrade your technology.