The random finding of coins has been taken as an omen for as long as there has been coins minted, which was sometime around 600 B.C.E., so we’re talking a few thousand years. Why do They send messages with currency? The answer is fairly simple–coins are durable, shiny, and have value. As such, they readily catch the eye. Some cultures believe coins have a special connection to the spirit world and are used by spirits for communication. One lady who used to live in my building told me her deceased husband often left quarters in her shoes. Though paper currency is considerably more fragile and matte, it tends to be paper with a particular shape and appearance, making it more eye-catching than other random bits of paper. In short, money is a message-carrier you’re more likely to notice.

Some general principles I’ve found regarding finding money unexpectedly are these:

  • It’s a communication from the Spirits, possibly from a deceased loved one.
  • Finding a coin face-side-up is a positive sign.
  • Finding a coin tails-side-up is considered a negative sign. It typically signifies the reverse of whatever the heads-side-up means. In those cases, you’re supposed to take the relevant message from it, turn the coin over and leave it there face-up for the next person to find. Taking a coin which has been lying face-down is considered unlucky, and it’s believed you’ll take the ill-luck with you.
  • The higher the value of the coin, the more it is a sign of coming prosperity, and/or good luck.
  • Most sources agree that finding a coin is a sign of a new start in life coming. One source states that coins convey a message of long life, a great destiny, and a new start in life coming, but no other source I’ve found confirms that assertion, only the new start in life bit.
  • Finding currency notes means your spirit guides are cheering you on. Let go of your fears, trust your instincts, and stay on the path you are on for it is the correct one for you now, and it is the path onto which they led you. You are well-positioned for a change in life, one filled with positivity and happiness.
  • Finding old paper currency is considered a negative sign, because the used-up condition of the note is believed to be an admonishment from the Spirits that you had prior opportunities you   failed to take advantage of.
  • Finding money on the left side of the street or on the left side of your path is a sign of caution. You may need to reconsider a decision you’ve made. Or, you might’ve missed an important detail which may be about to culminate in a large mistake.
  • Finding money on the right side of the street or on the right side of your path can be taken as a confirmation. You are taking the right step, and may proceed confidently with your proposed action without any fear of failure.
  • Deriving numerological significance from found-money is a valid approach to interpretation, especially if the found money is an odd-lot group of coins in varying levels of value. If, for example, you found a ten-cent coin, two five-cent coins and three cents, that adds up to 23, the number of transformation, which suggests you’re coming up to a transformative period in your life.


All that having been said, there are nine general messages you can potentially take from the fact of finding money by chance. In no particular order, they are:

  1. A deceased loved one, spirit guide or angel is trying to communicate with you.
  2. You are valued, appreciated and deserving. Your life is full of goodness and you have a lot to offer the people around you.
  3. Good luck is coming to you.
  4. Opportunity is coming for you.
  5. Prepare for a new season in your life; something may be about to begin.
  6. You are in alignment with your destiny and you are on the right path–stay the course.
  7. Stay aware, pay attention, & don’t be careless. Remember to save for a rainy day.
  8. Keep up the good work. Be consistent and do your best, and the rewards will come.
  9. Just as you receive, remember to give as well.

With those ground rules in mind, let’s address the messages inherent in specific kinds of coins, since each sort of coin can carry a specific message.