It was less than a week after I retired from the library. I was out for an afternoon walk when a downpour started. I was passing a food vendor’s hut when there on the pavement in front of me, starting to get soaked in the hard rain, was a new five-dollar bill. Instantly knowing somehow that this was meant for me, I picked it up with two fingers, carried it home that way, and left it on a windowsill to dry. It felt as if this unexpected bit of good luck was a clear message to me specifically, a validation, a confirmation that I was right to retire when I did, and that my life was on the right track.

It’s happened to all of us. We’re going about our lives and suddenly we find money in a place we didn’t expect to find it. Sometimes, it’s lying there on the floor or pavement in front of us. Or we go to purchase something from a vending machine and find the previous visitor forgot to take their change. We gladly pocket the change and don’t think anything more about it. But finding money by chance is often a deliberate message from the Spirits. The trick is correctly interpreting the message behind it. I’ve been researching the topic on-line in order to ascertain if there was a common code language to this phenomenon, and here’s what I’ve found.