Divination often boils down to three basic subjects for most people: love, money and career. Fewer people ask about their spiritual life and fewer still, things beyond their personal life, such what’s going on politically in their city, county, state, province, tribal lands, or country. In late 1960s someone coined the phrase, ‘the personal is the political.’ This phrase identified the reality that our private lives are impacted to a great degree by what is going on politically. Never has the truth of this phrase been thrown into more sharp and painful relief than in recent years, when many friendships and family relationships have become strained, even been broken-up over irreconcilable differences in political viewpoints.

 Of course, ‘the personal is the political’ can work in reverse too—the private lives of many can have an impact on the politics of a given geo-political region. That is, after all, where ‘grass roots’ politics come from. People notice a political reality is adversely affecting their life, talk to others, and realize it’s bothering a whole bunch of people. Things then snowball from there.

With an eye toward filling a perceived divinatory void, and perhaps as an aid to change, I offer this ‘Political Spectrum Wheel of Fortune.’ Its basic design, a circle containing a series of concentric squares, is a conscious reference to the idea of ‘squaring the circle’ or ‘a round peg in a square hole.’ The idea of trying to reconcile two fundamentally irreconcilable shapes seemed particularly appropriate for politics, especially politics lately.