Kledons can come from any number of sources. Picture courtesy of Adobe Stock Images.

Have you ever been concentrating on a problem or issue in your life, turning it over and over in your mind, then you happen to hear a passing conversation, or something on television, radio, or the Internet which addresses the very issue you’ve been thinking about? Maybe it even gave you a key insight, leading to the solution of the problem. It’s an eerie experience, but it’s probably happened to us all at one time or another. Some people have it happen to them without even trying. Ever since ancient times, people have been using that odd happenstance as a form of divination.


Known as the kledon, cledonomancy is defined by Wikipedia as ‘divination based on chance events or encounters, such as words occasionally uttered.’ It comes from the Greek work kleidos, which translates as ‘rumor, report, omen, fame, or name’. The thinking behind this form of divination was that The Gods were capable-of and likely-to use the words of ordinary people in everyday situations to convey Their messages to specific individuals. Certain parts of Greece, especially the towns of Smyrna and Pharae, were particularly given to it.