How is the word ‘cledon’ pronounced? Near as I can tell, it appears to be pronounced ‘klee-don’, and that’s how I pronounce it. The term ‘cledonomancy’ would probably be pronounced with the first two syllables rhyming with ‘leaden’, so you can take your pick of pronunciations.

This form of divination I categorize under my term ‘artomancy’ since I define that as divining by naturally-occurring events or objects in your environment. Genuine answers in Artomancy are a little harder to pin-down or identify as such, because it’s up to the inquirer to identify when they’ve received an answer to their question in some naturally-occurring event, or if it’s purely incidental to their question.

Though Hermes has an historic association with this form of divination, it could be your own spirit guides, guardian angel, ancestors, or Universe Itself using cledonomancy to communicate with you, so it may not be Hermes you need to thank. You could experiment with specifying which spirit you wish to communicate with you via cledonomancy, especially employing methods two and three above. ‘So-and-so, send me a sign or a word, help me out here; what am I not seeing?’ Your relationship with this non-corporeal person could take on a new dimension. If you don’t appear to receive an answer from them, well then they aren’t the one sending you timely audible messages.

It might be an interesting exercise to keep a cledonomancy diary, where you record what you were thinking about, or what question was on your mind, and what you overheard which seemed like an answer. This way you can identify over time how well and in what circumstances, cledonomancy works for you. And be prepared for the possibility that you can practice cledonomancy, seem to receive no answer, give up, then hours later, the answer comes to you clear as a bell. The Spirits can mess with your mind like that sometimes.

The obvious advantage of this way of divining is it requires absolutely no equipment, just a very basic knowledge of how to do it. You can do it silently and nobody around you is any the wiser. Indeed, you may get so accustomed to cledonomancy, certain spirits may choose to communicate with you and assist you in this way spontaneously. Like divining with the clouds, the sky, the birds, the animals, and the trees, cledomancy can help your personal connection with the world, for all of it can communicate messages of power, beauty and meaning, if you choose to do so.  


  1. Practice cledomancy using method one. Note the answer you receive.
  2. Practice cledomancy using method two. Note what, if any, answers you receive.
  3. Practice cledomancy using methor three. Note whatever answer you receive.
  4. Given you experience with these three forms of cledomancy, answer the following questions. Did it work for you at all? If so, did one approach work better for you than the other two? Did you find it’s better to state you question or issue out loud first, or was thinking about it enough? Would you use this as a stand-alone divination source, or would you use it as a confirmation source to another form of divination?