Some divination-tool formats really spark my creativity. The Prophetic Coin is one such format. One of the most perennially-popular subjects inquirers ask diviners or fortune-tellers about is love, and because  Valentine’s Day is coming up soon, I spent the month of January creating a ‘Prophetic Coin of Love’ for you to use. As you’ll see, once I started on this project, my imagination ran away with it. I kept coming up with new approaches to the basic design and, unable to decide on just one, I now have four of them to present to you, plus a new Wheel of Fortune. This is how I spent most of January 2023, asking myself, ‘Am I overthinking this thing?’ The pendulum gave me the answer ‘maybe’, which I take to mean ‘yes’. But I hope you are the beneficiary of my overthought.

The Prophetic Coin, as I studied it more carefully, bases its answers on the numerological significance of each number. This grew like a monster in my head as time went on, and I added more numbers to the later divination tools. There are multiple meanings to each number, so the answers often reflect this. True love is rare, precious and hard-won. Also, love can manifest itself in a variety of ways, and the divination tools I’m presenting here keep that in mind. You’ll notice I became more-bold in my use of color with each succeeding Prophetic Coin of Love I designed, and that I’ve included an envelope design on the last page of each PDF for keeping the cards, coin and answer sheets in. You’ll have to get a little creative in how you fold-up the answer sheets, and they’ll need to be printed-out on lighter-weight paper, not cardstock, but they will fit. As always, the second page (or in one instance the third page) is the back-design for the number-cards, the side which will be face-up when you scramble them around before arranging the cards in a neat square.

For those unfamiliar with my earlier lessons the Prophetic Coin, it involves nine numbered cards which are scrambled around face down on the table, while you recite something like ‘an answer true I seek to find, and take what comes with quiet mind.’ The cards are then assembled in a square, and you hold a coin edgewise over the center card about 6 to 8 inches/15 to 20 centimeters above it, then drop the coin. It will bounce to one or another of the cards. You note whether it fell heads-up or tails-up, then remove the coin and look at the card for the number. You then find that number and the heads or tails answer in the answer key.