For some people matters of the heart are a very sensitive matter. Thinking perhaps they’d want to keep the answers they receive on the down-low and more private, I thought of doing a love-letters edition of the Prophetic Coin, because love letters are supposed to be read in private, no? It gradually broke down into answering three different questions: 1. What is my romantic future this year? 2. How do prospective romantic partners see me? And 3. What is the potential downside others see when considering me as a prospective romantic partner?

So unlike the first two prophetic coins above, which give only a general romantic fortune for the year, this answers more than one, if the inquirer cares to know. I don’t assume the inquirer will get the same answer for each question, so they’ll want to drop the coin three separate times for all three. Or they may choose to receive only a general fortune for the year, which is fine, but they’ll need to state the question they want an answer to before they drop the coin. They then turn to the page containing their answer, and find the relevant paragraph in the ‘letter’.  Not everyone wants to know what their possible romantic drawbacks or challenges are, so I offer this one advisedly.

Remember the lesson I did on the ‘Egyptian’ Romantic Rhyming Fortune, using the standard playing card deck a February or two ago? I said it could be used as a sort of ‘drop-by’ activity at a party or similar event. I see this edition of the Prophetic Coin of Love the same way, as a potential ‘drop-by’ activity.  You can have the love letters pages in plastic sleeves in a binder or folder, and the cards laid out in a square and face-down on a table with a convenient coin handy, then invite passers-by to try their luck. The inquirers would then check their fortune in the relevant section of the binder or folder, then go on their way. No one needs to know the answer they received.