I picture these love divination tools as the kind of thing you’d use at a Valentine’s Day party or any informal get-together. To preserve randomness, the cards should always be scrambled-around face-down before each use and arranged as close together as possible to increase the likelihood the coin will land-on something. If the coin misses the cards altogether in three tries, then clearly the spirits don’t want to address this issue with the inquirer. With the Wheel of Fortune, the spinning object should always be started from the heart in the middle. Or you can place it on a revolving tray, spin it and point without looking.

In the spirit that real love is hard-won, I think I’ve been fairly realistic with these answers. If love doesn’t look likely with the number (and coin-side) they’ve drawn, I’ll say so. If they’re more likely to start a relationship with a personal interest or a cause, I’ll say so. If a relationship is more likely to end, or an existing one may have problems, I’ll say so. Some people really aren’t looking for love anyway, but in the spirit of the holiday, they may be badgered by friends into trying their luck with a divination tool like one of these, so for those people, I think I’ve included enough answers and enough varieties of romance divination tools to give them an ‘out.’

 I don’t think of any of these predictions as lasting more than a year at most—it’s just how things look for the inquirer this year. So you can literally tell anyone who uses any of these divination tools better luck next year, and who knows? Maybe they’ll have outstanding romantic luck next year!


  1. Select one of the Prophetic Coin options and the Wheel of Fortune. Ask both your romantic fortune for the year, and record the answer you get.
  2. Either at the end of this year, or next February, return to the answers you received. Reflecting on the previous year, did either one of these predictions come true? Did both? If you had your choice, would you use one over the other?
  3. Extra Credit-Option One: use all four Prophetic Coins of Love, record the answers, then return to them in a year’s time, and note how things transpired. Did one work better than the others for you?
  4. Extra Credit-Option Two: note the answer someone else received using one or more of the Prophetic Coins or the Wheel of Fortune and return to those notes a year from now. Obviously, it’ll have to be someone whom you’d have a reasonably-good idea of how their romantic life would go. How did things work out for this person? Were their answers accurate?