Some may argue with the definitions I’ve assigned the various political persuasions, and perhaps the spectrum I’ve laid it all out on. Certainly, double-check my definitions, for there is a lot more to these political positions than the definitions I’ve provided. But I’ve based this chart on several other political diamond charts I’ve found on the Internet, and it reflects the general consensus as to where the various political positions lie in relation to one another. I think it’s both basic enough and complex enough to serve as a useful source of answers to some political questions. If you can think of a political perspective I haven’t covered here, I have left some of the points unmarked on the chart so you can adapt the chart to your needs.

I hope this Political Spectrum Wheel of Fortune will not only answer questions and point helpfully and accurately to future events, but that it will serve as a springboard to further discussion and possible resolution of sticky issues. If that’s its only value to users, that’s enough. The personalization of the political can not only impact our lives in a deeply personal way, it can also separate us from people we value. Hopefully this chart can clarify things, inspire resolutions to important issues, and maybe help reestablish some middle ground. I hope you find it useful.

I am running no exercises with this chart, because it’s admittedly an experimental design. Only you know what political questions are important enough to you to consult this and how you consult it. But if you’re willing to share your experiences, I’d look forward to hearing it!