I thought this would be a short lesson. I meant to run this lesson earlier in January. Instead, I found my egg divination research spreading-out like an egg in a frying pan. I will acknowledge from the out-set, that this is not a Vegan-friendly form of divination. If you’re a Vegan reader of this blog, you’ll probably want to skip this lesson. Also, there are those of us who have either an inner-parent or an actual parent yelling at us for wasting a perfectly good egg on such nonsense. But for those with no objection to sacrificing a perfectly good egg, and in the interests of being as thorough as I can about the wondrous variety of divination methods which exist, I’m now addressing this very old, slightly-unusual divinatory art.

Egg divination, aka oomancy, ooscopy, or ovomancy, is another one of those divination methods which can be traced back to the ancient Greeks and Romans. The first recorded instance of it being used is circa 93 B.C.E. I prefer to call it ovomancy but oomancy is the more common term. These three terms all come from the root Greek word for egg, which is ‘oion.’