Fifth Aicme-the Koad Aicme

This aicme, many Ogham-readers don’t use. It appears to be a late addition to the Ogham alphabet, which could be why many don’t use it. Certainly the fews in this aicme are very different from the rest of the Ogham alphabet:

Grove-Koad-OghamGrove-Koad-pronounced ‘co-ahd.’ This Ogham few represents a sacred grove, or any sacred place, a retreat, a gathering of knowledge or collected wisdom, such as in a school, college, university, library, or book shop. The advice here could be to ‘Visit a sacred place or someplace where the collective knowledge of humanity resides. The answer to your question could be here, or perhaps just restoration for your spirit.’

Spindle-Oir-OghamSpindle-Oir-pronounced ‘oor.’ This Ogham few represents sweetness, delight, sudden intelligence or insight. Making one’s utmost effort & completing a task for the pleasure of it. The message here could be to either ‘Do your best at this job, and finish what you start, for that will bring you great satisfaction’ or ‘You will suddenly receive information, or arrive at a sudden insight about something, which will bring feelings of sweetness and delight in its wake.’

Honeysuckle-Uilleand-OghamHoneysuckle-Ulleand-pronounced ‘oo-lun.’ Associated with a bird called the Lapwing, this Ogham few represents secrets, things hidden, seeking the truth, and the ability to identify defensive distractions as such. The advice here could be to ‘Be suspicious when someone creates a scene—they could be trying to distract your attention from something they desperately don’t want you to see.’

Beech-Phagos-OghamBeech-Phagos-pronounced ‘fah-gus.’ This Ogham few represents old knowledge, old writing, or the wisdom of elders. The advice here could be to ‘Consult old sources of information or wisdom. The answer to your current problem could very well be found there.’

TheSea-Mor-OghamThe Sea-Mor-pronounced ‘moor.’ This Ogham few represents hidden knowledge, hidden depths, inherited resources, the lunar, the feminine, all matters maternal. Roots; travel. The advice here could be threefold. Either to ‘Look below the surface of things, for things are not as they appear; something is hidden from your view’, or ‘Draw on your inner resources’, or ‘Keep in mind that a good parent gives you both roots and wings.’