The color wheel on the right is Rauxel’s color wheel from I’m including it here because it’s the most awesomely-comprehensive color wheel I’ve ever seen.

Color is about mood and state of mind. It affects us psychologically and reflects our personalities. When we walk into someone’s home for the first time and see their décor, it’s sending us messages about them, and color is a big part of the message. When we refer to someone as ‘yellow’ it’s commonly-understood we’re calling them a coward. When we say, ‘he’s solid gold’, it’s understood we’re saying ‘he’s a person of excellent character’. When we say, ‘I saw red’ it’s understood we’re telling people we instantly got angry. When we say someone is ‘green’, it’s understood they are new to something—or that they’re an environmentalist.

Acquiring Your Color Divination Tool

Color can also be used as an effective means of divination. There are several ways of securing your color divination tool. You can download, print-out, and use the cards I have included the link to in this entry (make sure your color ink cartridges are sufficiently-full before starting). You can buy a color wheel from an art supplies store, or download and print one out from on-line, place it on your handy-dandy lazy-susan (which I’ve encouraged you to purchase for use with other divination tools), and give it a spin in response to each question, then bring your pointer down at random when it comes to a stop. You could go to a hardware or home-improvement store, go to their paints section, and help yourself to a whole bunch of their paint-sample cards, cut them up and use those for color divination cards (making sure, of course, that you have colors from across the whole spectrum of colors).