Reading With Your Color Divination Tool


Because we have an immediate reaction emotionally to color, when using color cards, I recommend shuffling and choosing the cards face-down. Enter into a quiet, meditative state of mind, shuffle the color cards and lay them out in front of you or fan them in your hand, face-down. Ask any combination of the following questions, then choose a card at random:

What is my situation right now?
What is the other person’s situation right now? Where are they coming from?
What is the essential problem or challenge at this time?
How can I best address this problem/challenge?
What is the best possible outcome if I successfully meet this challenge?
What are factors in the situation I can’t change, and must accept?
What am I not seeing at this time? What are the hidden factors in this situation?
What strengths do I bring to bear in this situation?
How can I help (fill in the blank)?
Where does growth lie?

If you’re using a color wheel and a lazy-susan turntable instead of the color cards, the blind-taste-test approach goes out the window, but the key thing is to not look at the wheel  as you’re using it. Give the turntable a spin after asking each question, and bring your pointer down at random without looking at the color wheel. If you need a pointer for divination purposes, a cake-tester works great. Unlike a pen, pencil or crayon, it won’t leave as much of a mark.

Second Method

Now, let’s try the color cards face up. Enter into a quiet, meditative state of mind, shuffle the cards and lay them face-up. How you lay them out is up to you; a square, a rectangle, a line, a circle. The important thing is they’re all clearly visible. Now ask yourself, ‘Which color am I drawn to when I…’

Think of my life in general right now?
Think of my biggest challenge or problem?
Think of (fill in the blank)?
Think of the future?
Ask myself what I want more of in my life?
Ask myself, what is the solution to my issue?
Ask myself, which of these colors do I like the least? Which of these colors do I like the best? What do these colors tell me about myself?

When taking this approach to color divination, don’t think; just go with your first impulse, since that will likely be the truest answer.

Any question you can ask about emotion, state of mind, or motive, you can ask of the color cards. Sometimes, the solution to whatever problem or issue you face is as simple as adopting a particular attitude or mindset. This is where color divination comes in handy, and it can nicely augment any other divination tool or method you use to address a specific issue.

One final point—the color meanings above are just to get you started. What associations do you have with each color? Were there some meanings I didn’t include?