1. Try the first (blind) method of color divination, your choice of either color cards or color wheel. You may ask all or any combination of the questions listed. Write down your answers and look at them. Did the answers you received, the color you chose in response to each question, resonate with you? How accurate were they in terms of what you know to be true about your situation? Did the solution color sound like the appropriate response?
  2. Try the second method of color divination. Note the answers you chose for each question you asked. Was this exercise helpful for you at all? If you chose a future card color, note it and return to this later. Was this color an accurate reflection of what happened?
  3. Do you feel a preference for one of these two color divination methods over the other? If so, why?
  4. If you read using any other card system (Tarot, LeNormand, Sibilla, Angel, regular playing cards, Mah Jongg), try using the color cards as clarifiers. How did this affect your interpretation of the first set of cards? Would you use them again as a clarifying deck, or do other decks do a better job?