Meanings Associated With Colors

Before we go any further, here’s a run-down of the various meanings and energies associated with the various colors:

Red-Energy, strength, action, violence, danger, anger, passion, blood, excitement, courage, lust, fire, love, survival (first chakra), assertiveness
Orange-Enthusiasm, extroversion, playfulness, visibility, sociability, confidence, adventurousness, the life of the party, friendliness, extroversion, fickleness, sexuality (second chakra)
Copper-Groundedness, business growth, professional growth, career moves, monetary growth, Venus
Peach-Admiration, sincerity, modesty, charity
Pink-Affection, romance, romantic love, tenderness, sweetness, femininity, harmony, good health, comfort, accommodation, compassion
Yellow-Cheerfulness, happiness, creativity, intelligence, clarity, decisiveness, caution, radiance, optimism, the sun, sunny personalities, will power (third chakra)
Gold-Wealth, preciousness, vitality, excellence, radiance, money, success, talent, abundance
Light Green-Spring, newness, innocence, naivety, relaxation, beginnings, hope, balance, the idealism of the new
Green-Growth, nature, vigor, prime of life, rejuvenation, calmness, money, good, luck, envy, inexperience, unripe, ‘Go’, love (fourth chakra)
Dark Green-Summer, plushness, fertility, ripeness, the Green Man, discrete independence
Olive Green-Treachery, camouflage, ‘flying under the radar’, sickness
Turquoise-Empathy, altruism, idealism, compassion, intuitive, impracticality, sensitivity, spiritual, ocean, communication, expression, transformation
Light Blue-Tranquility, selflessness, truth, gentleness, peace, serenity
Blue-Calm, logic, contemplation, comfort, water, sky, sorrow, depression, the unknown (‘out of the blue’) (sixth chakra)
Dark Blue-Intellectuality, stability, sturdiness, authority, elegance
Slate Blue/Gray-Unchanging & changeless, steadfastness, ageless
Lavender-Grace, elegance, refinement, a delicate, old-fashioned nature; can also indicate a love-at-first-sight type
Magenta-Passion and daring, exuberance, no-half-measures, loud-proud-and-in-your-face
Purple-Royalty, power, pride, accomplishment, honor, diginity assurance, spirit, justice, ornateness, intuition, visionary, the psychic and paranormal, magic
Indigo-the unconscious, the psychic, imagination, insight, dreams, relaxation, intuition(sixth chakra)
Beige-Constancy, neutrality, relaxation, sandy beaches, simplicity, dullness, lack of excitement
Brown-Groundedness, stability, realistic, down-to-earth, honesty, humility, frugality, dutiful, hard-working, reliability, soil, feces, ingratiation, controlling
Silver-Wealth, change, the Moon, eloquence, adornment, hope, psychic abilities, the Goddess, creative with words, introspection, elegance and refinement, superiority, modernity, futurism
Gray-Indeterminacy, old age, neutrality, bleakness, conformity, the in-between, non-committal, reserved, a preference for dullness and predictability over excitement and chaos, a mix of good and bad
White-Purity, protection, light, abstraction, chilliness, sterility, fastidiousness, winter, transcendence(seventh chakra, spirituality), peace, virginity, ghosts
Black-Power, authority, darkness, death, mystery, fear, grief, despair, gloom, hiddenness, grounding, negativity, binding, protection, repelling, control, reserved
Varigated/Iridescent-the uncanny, the otherworldly, the weird, the remarkable, the hard-to-describe, the wondrous, the extra-dimensional, the presence of The Gods, seashells, fish, mother-of-pearl