Meanings of the Ogham Fews

First Aicme-the Beith Aicme

Birch-Beith-OghamBirch-Beith-pronounced ‘beh’ or ‘be-yeh’. This Ogham few represents fresh starts, beginnings. It could be that a housecleaning, either literal or figurative, is called-for here. This few is associated with cleansing, purifying, clearing away clutter, also childbirth, since it is associated with beginnings.

Rowan-Luis-OghamRowan-Luis-pronounced ‘lweesh’ or ‘loo-sh’. This Ogham few represents protection against dangers of every kind—spiritual, magical or physical. It represents defense, sanctuary, and taking precautions. It also represents control of the senses.

Alder-Fearn-OghamAlder-Fearn-pronounced ‘fair-n’ or ‘fyarn’. This Ogham few represents prophecy, inspiration, and the protection which comes from following good advice. It can also represent laying a good foundation for the achievement of your goals.

Willon-Saille-OghamWillow-Saille-pronounced ‘sahl-yuh’ or ‘sal’ye’. This Ogham few represents feelings, intuition, dreams, imagination, flexibility, lunar rhythms, the feminine principle, but it also warns of the possibility of deception.

Ash-Nuin-OghamAsh-Nuin-pronounced ‘nee-un’ or ‘nyin’. This Ogham few represents change, growth, transformation, fate, destiny, options, possibilities, potential, the larger reality. The advice here could be to ‘Put your inner guidance into action. Walk your talk.’