Fourth Aicme-the Ailim Aicme

SilverFir-Ailim-OghamSilver Fir-Ailim-pronounced ‘ahlm’ or ‘al’yem’. This Ogham few represents ‘high views and long sight’ that is, heightened consciousness and a greater perspective. It is elation, wonder, enthusiasm, awe, pain, poignancy, and fear; peak experiences. The advice here could be to ‘Take the high road. Look at the big picture.’

Gorse-OhnGorse-Ohn-pronounced ‘uhn’ or ‘on’. This Ogham few represents a gathering together of sweetness and value, things are coming together for your benefit, or in support of a goal you seek. It can also represent attraction, sexuality, sensuality, passion, health & vitality. The advice here could be to ‘Be grateful, but also remember to share the abundance. Good things are coming and you deserve it.’

Heather-Ur-OghamHeather-Ur-pronounced ‘oor.’ This Ogham few represents a mature relationship and its consummation, homemaking, also accepting or conquering one’s ‘shadow’ side, which could stand in the way of love. This could also represent contact with the spirit world and the healing this can bring. The advice here could be to ‘Open up to a more realistic ideal of love. Accept and make peace with your shadow side. The spirits offer you connection and healing.’

Aspeh-EadhaAspen-Eadha-pronounced ‘eh-yuh’ or ‘ayda.’ This Ogham few represents fears, doubts, very long odds and beating them, testing, a rite of passage. Mustering one’s confidence, courage & warrior-spirit; resolution. The advice here could be to ‘Be courageous. You can endure and overcome obstacles. It looks like a long-shot, but you might actually end up winning this thing.’

Yew-Ioho-OghamYew-Ioho-pronounced ‘ee-yoh’ or ‘yoho.’ This Ogham few represents death, endings, exits, transition, and change. Something is fading, withering or dying, to be followed by a re-birth or a renewal. A new element is approaching. The advice here could be to ‘Embrace change. If something is dying, understand that it is time for this to happen. Keep in mind every ending is followed by a new beginning.’