The only one of these diagrams that I’ve been able to find is called ‘Fionn’s Window.’ I’ve also seen it called ‘the Feige Find.’ It’s been theorized that Fionn’s Window is a symbolic depiction of Celtic Cosmology. I’ve laid out a set of Ogham symbols in the pattern of ‘Fionn’s Window’, hoping to glean some insight into this mysterious alphabet, but alas, the deeper mysteries of this divination system elude me. For the curious, I am posting the Fionn’s Window diagram below: 


The Ogham resurfaced in Robert Graves’ early twentieth century classic, The White Goddess, wherein he devotes at least two chapters to Ogham folklore. Critics have dismissed Graves’ book as more poetic speculation than reliable historical fact, but it brought fresh attention to the Ogham and contributed to the birth of modern Paganism, particularly Goddess spirituality and Wicca, and is well worth a read.

Because I’ve had a harder time connecting with the Ogham than other symbol systems, I developed an Ogham card deck with the training-wheels still on it, which I call The White Tree Ogham Deck. The link appears below. These cards show the Ogham stave, give the associated meanings, and include an illustration of the related tree or plant.


As always, the last page of this PDF includes a card-back design, so when you print them out, skip the last page if you want to substitute your own design on these cards.

So let’s look at each individual Ogham few. The Ogham alphabet is divided up into five ‘aicme’ a word which translates as ‘tribe.’ Each aicme consists of five Ogham letters.