Third Aicme-the Muin Aicme

Vine-Muin-OghamVine-Muin-pronounced ‘muhn’ or ‘min-ye’. This Ogham few represents intoxication, the loosening of inhibitions and the truth which comes out as a result, work or harvest completed, which is followed be a celebration. The advice here could be to ‘Speak your truth, even if your voice is shakey.’ Or it could be warning: ‘Guard your tongue, especially if you’re intoxicated.’

Ivy-Gort-OghamIvy-Gort-pronounced the way it’s spelled, this Ogham few represents tenacity, survival, ruthlessness, growth, ill-treatment, restriction, exploitation, breaking barriers, and the ability to thrive in hostile conditions. The advice here could be to ‘Be persistent. Learn how to thrive in difficult situations. You have the power to succeed. What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger.’

Reed-NgEtal-OghamReed-NgEtal-pronounced ‘nyeh-tl’ or ‘nyay-tl’. This Ogham few represents cleansing, purging, medicine, healing, or sweeping away negativity. The advice here could be ‘A cleansing may be needed in this situation. Find the eye of the storm. Work for harmony, unity and reconciliation in the aftermath.’

Blackthorn-Straif-OghamBlackthorn-Straif-pronounced ‘strahf’ or ‘straf’. The Ogham few represents strife, adversity, damage, either physical or emotional, a thorny experience, the compulsion of fate, or no choices are available but unpleasant ones. The advice here could be to ‘Persevere. Take charge of your destiny with singleness of purpose. Choose the seemingly best option available, however poor an option it appears.’

Elder-Ruis-OghamElder-Ruis-pronounced ‘rweesh’ or ‘reesh’. This Ogham few represents shame, anger, regret, humiliation, and karma, but also completions and endings, followed by new beginnings. The advice here could be to ‘Flow in the direction of where Universe seems to be nudging you. Put regret and shame behind you, resolve to do better, then walk away with your head held high. Onward and upward.’