Wind divination can only be practiced situationally and on the spur-of-the-moment, since the notoriously-fickle atmosphere must cooperate. You may need to experiment with a number of different windy conditions to find that which best-suits your purposes. Either too-strong a wind or too-light a wind will render the effort a farce. I’d encourage you to think about making an appeal to the Spirits of Air to help you in this, before you pose your question. If they’re feeling amenable and like the way you asked, they might send you a breeze even on a windless day!  Consider also the possibility that when faced with a windy or slightly-windy day, the air spirits are signaling to you that they’re open to wind divination.

For those who desire one, I’ve designed a recording sheet for this. I’ve left a lineless-space for notes at the bottom of the page, in case you want to do a diagram. This way, you can establish a record over time and determine if wind divination works for you or not.

Wind divination fits in with my self-coined categorical term, artomancy, which is divining by things in one’s environment, in nature, or in natural substances. Artomancy tends to be the sort of divination methods where it helps to have intuition and a certain knack for them. If you don’t have that knack, you’ll need to practice, and wind divination comes to few naturally, so some practice at this will be needed. May the winds always be speaking kindly, wisely and truthfully to you.


Choose two or three of the four wind divination methods covered in this lesson and try them. Obviously, this will have to happen on a day or days when the winds are cooperative. Record your results and return to them later.  Answer these questions:

  1. Did any of them give you a response you identify as accurate?
  2. Did one method work better for you than the other/others?
  3. If each divination tool or method has its own ‘spirit’, how would you describe the spirit of wind divination?
  4. Would you use this method again?

EXTRA CREDIT: Try all four wind divination methods.