The first method, I came across in a book by the late Laurie Cabot, H.P., one-time ‘official witch of Salem Massachusetts.’ On a windy morning, lie down on the ground outside somewhere you will be undisturbed and won’t have to worry about a tree branch falling on you. Go into a relaxed, meditative state of mind and ask the Spirits of Air to speak to you in the winds that blow. Then just listen to the wind.

It will help to keep your eyes closed, so you’re forced to be completely reliant on sound. After a while, it may sound as if the wind is actually trying to form words as it crosses the sky above you, blowing through the trees and past your ears. This specific form of wind divination has its own name—austromancy, divining the future by listening to the sound of the wind and interpreting messages from it. If you can’t discern any words, you may need to resort to assessing the feel of the wind; is it angry? Calm? Reassuring? Hiding a secret? Hesitant?

Now comes my suggested variation: If, after practicing this form of wind divination for a while, you feel confident in your ability to divide your attention and there are clouds passing by overhead, you may want to try divining by them as you’re listening to the wind—together they may form a message for you.