No, they’re not round, but this is the result you’re looking for in paper wind divination–pieces of paper in the air.

The third method also comes from the same source. For this method to work, it’s best for days where you have at least an occasional wind gust passing by, not a continuous wind. On five round pieces of paper, write down five different possible futures or five choices you’re currently facing. The color of the paper doesn’t matter, so long as it’s round. The reason for the shape of the paper isn’t hard to guess—the lack of corners makes it more difficult for the wind to catch the papers and blow them away.

Draw a circle on the ground outside and lay all five round papers within it. Then wait for the wind to eventually rise and blow the papers from the circle. The last paper to remain within the circle will reveal the mostly likely future you’re facing, or the best possible choice of the five choices you face. If all the papers blow from the circle at the same time, then no response is possible at this time. Presumably, either none of the choices are good, or none of the possible futures written on them are what will transpire.

If you have a table by a window that often gets a good-breeze, it may be possible to practice this technique indoors.

Now comes my suggested variation: you may want to pair paper wind divination with directional wind divination. If the most-favored response is revealed with a gust of wind toward a favorable north or westerly direction, it should turn out very well. If, on the other hand, the answer is revealed by a gust of wind toward an unfavorable east or south direction, there may be some complications or negatives involved in the result. If a wind toward a negative direction blows all the round pieces of paper from the circle at the same time, then it’s an indicator of an adverse time, where no choice or possible future you outlined will happen, or is under your control. If a wind toward a positive direction blows all the pieces of paper from the circle at the same time, then you may take it as a happy indication that the end result will be better than you anticipated in any of the five possibilities or choices you wrote down–a very good omen indeed.