-Also leaves. A nice autumn scene, courtesy of Adobe Stock.

As a follow-on to the cloud divination lesson, I’m now going to talk about another part of aeromancy, namely wind divination.  As we’re coming up on a time of seasonal change, whether you’re in the northern hemisphere or the southern one, the winds change with the season, so this seems like a timely occasion to address this form of divination, as you may find the winds cooperative with this form of divination at this time of year.

 This is another one of those divination practices which is so old, no one knows where it started, and it was probably practiced in one form or another in cultures all over the planet. To the ancients, with no grasp on the modern day science of meteorology, the winds were a mysterious and powerful thing, seemingly sent by the caprice of the Gods, and indeed regarded by some as the very breath of the Gods Themselves. With this outlook in mind, it’s no wonder they would try to divine by it. There are several different ways of practicing this divinatory art.