One of the strengths of numerology is it’s an area of divination that lends itself well to research and development. From time to time, a numerologist will come up with a new technique for performing a numerological forecast and it will work. This numerological technique is one of them.

This is a little gem I found in Richard Webster’s Numerology Magic: Use Number Squares for Love, Luck and Protection. This numerological technique, known as the Planes of Pythagoras, and which I call the Square-of-Nine, is a little over a hundred years old. Created by numerologists in that area of the world known as Australasia, Webster credits the magic square of Wu of Hsia (who lived in China from 2953 to 2838 BCE) as having provided the inspiration for this handy-dandy, simplified form of numerology. Using just the subject’s date of birth and this simple, easy-to-learn system, you can easily erect a numerological chart with a fair amount of accuracy in very little time. Once I learned this numerological technique, I was grabbing slips of scratch paper and doing numerological magic squares for everyone I could think of. I even grabbed random birthdates out of thin air and did squares for those.  And once you try it, you may find it addictive too.