This is one I’ve been sitting on for a while. I first addressed the Greek Alphabet Oracle way back, early on in the history of this website, when I was doing the main body of the Simpleomancy section. The Greek Alphabet Oracle is also known as the Limyran Oracle, since it appears to have originated in the town of Limyra in Greece.

When I first found out about gyromancy, I only knew about the kind where you physically spin yourself around inside a circle which is marked-out by letters, numbers or symbols, and wherever you staggered was written-down as significant (see the Gyromancy I lesson). It sounded like a perfect summer day kind of divination method.

Ever since I was introduced to the concept of a gyromancy chart, where you let a small object do the spinning (thank you, Madame Endora’s Book of Fortunes), it has spurred my creativity and led me to think of other ideas for gyromancy charts. Chart gyromancy can be done in any season, regardless of the weather. In the Gyromancy II lesson, I uploaded several, but I don’t recall uploading this one. So below is the PDF download for the chart above: the Greek Alphabet Oracle (again) only this time as a gyromancy chart.

As you’ll see, the second page of the document is just a straightforward presentation of the translation of the traditional predictions associated with each letter of the Greek alphabet. The third and fourth pages are my own annotations about possible meanings of each prediction.

Each prediction by itself can be rather cryptic, which is what inspired me to convert the Greek Alphabet oracle into a gyromancy chart. In the traditional way of consulting the Greek alphabet as a divination tool, you draw just one as your answer. But what if the more-accurate answer your question or problem is more than one of these? What if it’s an amalgamation of answers? Hence, this chart.

February 11, 2022 update: I have been making further revisions to this Greek Alphabet gyromancy chart, expanding on the meanings in the annotated pages to incorporate the letters’ Gematrian value and significance, as well as Nigel Pennick’s take on the various Greek letters’ meanings. So, calling this one Greek Alphabet Oracle Gryomancy Chart 2.0, the link to the revised and expanded edition is below:

As always, Version 2.0 is optional. I apologize for the late edition. I should know better than to post a lesson on the last day of a Mercury retrograde!