Ever since I came across Felix Fontaine’s ‘Golden Wheel Fortune Teller,’ with its one hundred, seemingly-arbitrarily-assigned answers, I’ve been playing with the idea of doing a one-hundred answer Wheel of Fortune myself. Only I wanted to create a wheel of fortune with answers that would be based on the numerological significance of each number. Like Fontaine’s Golden Wheel, what I came up with comes across as rather deterministic. After all, I have titled it the ‘Character is Destiny’ wheel of fortune. I could just as well have called it the ‘Cause and Effect’ wheel of fortune. But character can change over time, so I imagine this is something you can consult multiple times. It isn’t necessarily a one-and-done divination tool.

No history can be recounted here, since this is the product of research and my imagination. As I worked on it, realization gradually dawned that the primary use for this wheel of fortune is getting to know others better and what makes them tick. We all have people in our lives at school, at work, in our leisure time activities, or in our communities, who are a mystery to us, and they’re a mystery we want to solve. If they’re young, we sometimes wonder where they’re going to end up, given the way they’re going through life now. Since a person’s character can be multi-faceted, and can change over time, a secondary use I’ve come up with for this is more short-term; say, consulting it for oneself for one to five years ahead. You might even be able to use this chart to learn a little something about a person you haven’t even met yet; say, the person you’ll marry, or what sort of person your boss on your next job will be.