The phase the Moon was in at the time you were born says something fundamental about your character. That is the thinking behind of the divination tool I’m presenting today. I’m sure I’ve seen this same idea asserted in another astrology book whose title and author escapes me, but I found this in a chapter all its own in A Manual of Cartomancy (all editions) by Grand Orient. It was sandwiched between a basic run-down of the twelve Western astrological signs and the chapter of beneficial and bad days of the year, which I’ve already discussed. A cursory text search of ‘Judgements by the Moon’s Age’ in Internet Archive yielded no other relevant hits than the Manual of Cartomancy, so I surmise this is likely a product of Grand Orient himself. There was no preamble, no explanatory note about who created it, where it came from, or why. But given that I recall seeing something along these lines in another book, I assume this is a tiny bit of astrological lore with which many astrologers are familiar.

You’ll probably find it of very-limited use, but it can be an interesting exercise for an idle afternoon to compare the day of the Moon’s age prediction to someone whom you know was born on that day and judge how well or poorly it fits them. I think it will be one of those ‘throw this piece of information in the back of my mind for future reference’ sort of things. But sometimes, knowing stray tidbits like that about someone can give you an edge when dealing with them.