You can drive yourself crazy with numbers. Get too deep into numerology, and you’ll come across so many uncanny coincidences, you’ll start saying to yourself that this can’t be a coincidence. If you enjoy such numerological deep-dives down rabbit-holes, if you’re type of person who, when receiving news about a birth, will idly start working out the numerology of that child’s life in your head, just as a casual mental exercise, then this bit of numerological lore just might be for you.

In my never-ending search for divination tools, systems or methods, I occasionally come across one which, though it may be of rather limited use, is intriguing-enough to discuss. The Fadic Year is a numerological concept I came across in Walter Brown Gibson’s The Complete Illustrated Book of Divination and Prophecy. He says the term ‘fadic’ (pronounced fate-ic) applies to any number or combination of numbers which can be interpreted as influential in a person’s life or career, because of its constant recurrence. For example, if your life path number is 4 and the number 4 seems to recur at oddly-significant points in your life, then it could be considered a ‘fadic number.’ But fadic years are those times in the life which represent a key change or crucial development in the person’s ongoing evolution, a ‘bend’ in the road of their life, if you will.