No, I’m not talking about that furry little blind animal that sometimes surfaces on the lawn, though I wouldn’t be surprised if someone has developed a divination technique for that too. I’m talking about those marks you’re born with, or those raised, dark areas on your skin which appear unbidden sometime early in life and stay with you permanently. Whodathunk there was a divinatory art to such things? But there is.

In the Northern Hemisphere of the planet, we’re well and truly into the summer season and largely out of Covid restrictions. Which makes this a good time to practice this unusual art, because large expanses of skin have become visible. I consider this divination method to fall under the category, artomancy, because even with the glossary of mole and birthmark meanings I’ve attached further on in the lesson, interpreting such marks can be rather subjective and prone to personal interpretation. Is that mole on the rib cage, or more-properly considered a back mole? Is that mole in the center of the forehead, or really closer to the subject’s right? Is that birthmark on the finger or the hand—or both? And if the subject has one mole above the shoulder blade and another below it, what conclusion can you draw from that? Such details and variations from person to person will and should color your interpretation, which is what makes this a form of artomancy.