This is a divination technique I found in Agnes Miall’s The Book of Fortune Telling. It’s one of those ‘borderline’ divination techniques which have you wondering, as with the Five Shapes Test in Simpleomancy, ‘is it truly divination or is it just rudimentary psychology?’ Considering this approach to analyzing people’s bodies and making judgements about their character, I concluded it fits into my definition of artomancy—observing people, places, things, and one’s own environment and deriving messages from what you see.

Miall stated, “It has been recently discovered that there is a scientific connection between the kind of person you look and the kind of person you are.” Her book was published in 1987, so I’m assuming ‘recent’ meant sometime in the 1970s or early 1980s C.E. I’ve made a good-faith effort to find her source material for this assertion and the accompanying material, but I have been unable to locate it. She included no citation. This bothered the librarian in me so much, that when I initially started this lesson in August of this year, I junked it. I’ve finally come around to thinking I’ll just present it to you and let you be the judge.