It’s a subject I’ve done nearly to death, but ever since I wrote about the original Prophetic Coin, I’ve wanted to create a general, non-specific, non-holiday-related Prophetic Coin re-do. Only I did the original creator one better: I bifurcated the answer tables. The first answer table is titled ‘General Near-Term Future Prediction.’ The second answer table is titled the ‘Course of Action Guide.’ One active and one passive, the choice is yours. You could use just one or both. Of course, this I file under my self-created term and category ‘Simpleomancy’, since it’s a quick method of divination you don’t have to memorize a lot of information or practice a lot before you get anywhere near good at it. The resultant PDF is posted at the end of this lesson, after the exercises.

Speaking of which, I pronounce ‘Simpleomancy’ either way—Simple-O-Mancy’ or Simply-O-Mancy. So either way you say the word is correct.

I imagine this to be a divination tool one could use on a daily, weekly or at longest, monthly basis. It really is a divination tool for the short-term. I picture its regular use going something like, ‘what is in store for my day/week?’ then ‘Okay, and what action should I take?’ It’s pocket-sized, I made sure to design a carrying envelope for it (page 5 of the PDF) so you can take it with you for on-the-spot readings. Though I imagined this for general use, there’s no reason you couldn’t use this for specific questions, such as ‘what is the likely future result of this situation?’ and ‘what can I/we do about it?”

The original Prophetic Coin instructions say that if your dropped coin lands on two or more cards, you’re supposed to perform the coin-drop again. I’ll reiterate my take on it: if the coin lands on more than one card, consider the possibility that your answer is a synthesis of each card’s meanings. Only you can determine if this is true. In such cases, you may have to read both the heads and the tails answers for both numbers’ meanings. Your proper answer may be the ‘heads’ meaning for one of the numbers, and the ‘tails’ meaning for the other.

I use the Prophetic Coin on weekly basis. In my experience, the number of times the coin lands straddling two cards is fairly rare. Rare-enough that when it happens, I check both cards’ meanings, and combine them. I’m usually correct. But your mileage may vary. The coin landing on two cards could be referring to two different matters, or aspects of the same issue.

Page 2 of the PDF is the card-back design for printing on the back-side of Page 1, or you can design your own card-back. Page 6 is an answer recording sheet, in case you want to keep track of questions you’ve asked and how they turned out. I hope you find this of use. The exercises below are intended to help you get a feel for this Prophetic Coin, because frankly, this is a new untested product.


  1. Use this Prophetic Coin for yourself, on a daily basis, for a week. You can ask for either a daily prediction or a daily action, or both. Record your answers on the sheet provided (you’ll need to print out two pages of the answer recording sheet), including the result at the end of the day in ‘Outcome of the Matter.’ Review your records at the end of the week; how on-target was each day’s guidance? Was it a hit or a miss for most days?
  2. Use Euphonia’s Prophetic Coin for a specific issue, problem or concern you’re having. Ask for both a prediction and a what-do-I-do-about-it. Note the answers you get and what resulted later. How accurate was it, or did it miss?
  3. Use Euphonia’s Prophetic Coin for someone else, either for their day or for a specific matter of concern to them. This can be either someone you know personally, or someone in the news. Note the answer(s) you receive for this person, and check back with your notes later. Were the answers you received for this person a hit or a miss?
  4. Given your experience with this divination tool, would you use it again? What are its strong points and/or weaknesses as a divination tool?