Roulette Wheel Divination? Yes, and this is actually another form of alectryomancy. When I first broached the subject of alectryomancy several months ago, I discussed how, historically, this was performed with chickens. There’s just one problem with it: chickens. Getting the animals to stay focused is a challenge, and how many people keep chickens? I mean, I know it’s a thing in urban areas anymore, but really, chickens. Being an inanimate object, a roulette wheel will stay put and the tiny balls, called ‘pills’ in roulette-speak, will stay inside the casting field and cooperate for as long as you need. 

This is another little gem I picked up from The Complete Book of Divination & Prophecy by Walter B. Gibson. For this divination technique you’ll need just two items–a roulette wheel obviously, and the interpretation chart I include below. This is another one of those divination techniques I term Simpleomancy—divination techniques which are very easy to master and which can sometimes hide in plain sight as something innocuous in your environment, things the divination-averse would never consider you’re using as a divination tool.

I purchased my roulette wheel in the picture above on Amazon. It cost $19.95 USD, but that is a more low-end-price for a roulette wheel. Prices on roulette wheels at Amazon can range from $12.00 USD for a basic plastic one to $399.00 USD for a high-gloss, wood–and-brass, professional-quality wheel. You can purchase just a roulette wheel, or you can purchase a whole roulette set, if you think you might like to host gambling nights with friends as well. 

Amazon even offers roulette wheel drinking games, with shot glasses in alternating red and black shot glasses set around the perimeter of the wheel. An amusing notion, but I’m sure there are no divination drinking games, at least none that I or anybody else have devised yet. The six lozenge-shaped nibs you’ll see in the sloping pan around the roulette wheel itself are designed to ensure greater randomness in where the pill lands, certainly a desirable thing when divining.