The accouterments needed for the game. Sorry about the time-and-date stamp; I unintentionally activated that function on my camera.

While writing about Napoleon’s Book of Fate, the full-version, as a separate divination system using the symbols in card form, I noticed, and you probably did too, that the symbols in Napoleon’s Book of Fate numbered exactly 32, the same number of cards you would find in a Piquet/Euchre deck. I recall telling you that perhaps I would devise a card game out of it. Well, on a recent quiet Sunday, I took action on that pledge. I laid out all the Book of Fate cards on my desk and waited for inspiration to strike. After some thought, and some search for commonalities, I sorted them into suits and assigned them values. Though I’m not much of a card player, I think I came up with a decent-enough game that some people may both enjoy it and draw messages from it.