Counter-clockwise from top left: Adinkra Cards, Egyptian Protocol, Coiled Serpent Tablet, Mystic Tablet of the Gypsies, the Seventeen Magic Tablets, the Oracle of KAZ, Napoleon’s Book of Fate, An Universal Oracle deck, Napoleons Book of Fate Symbol Cards, S Hooper’s Coversation Cards, The Eight Elements deck, the Whitetree Ogham deck, the Prophetic Coin kit, Geomancy cards, Xylomancy cards, Theban Alphabet Oracle cards.


Is money tight this year? Need a stock-stuffer or two? Is there anyone on your gift-list with an interest in divination? Do you have a ream of card-stock on hand and plenty of printer-ink in your printer? If the answer to these questions is yes, then this blog-entry is for you! I am working on another divination lesson. But since we’re in the holiday season now, I thought I’d bring together, in one place, a bunch of divinatory downloads I developed over the course of the past several years to make it easier for you to pick and choose from among my humble offerings. All of these are divination tools which I’ve done columns on over the past five, nearly six years, so if you need any more information, or want to refresh your memory before gifting somebody with them, check my past entries.

The card decks can make dandy stocking-stuffers. And I’ve designed them to be beginner-friendly, so if there’s someone you’ve been wanting to introduce to the subject of divination, one of these decks might fill the bill. The flat things, such as the Arabian Squares, charts, Wheels of Fortune, Tablets of Fate, Oracle of KAZ, Napoleon’s Book of Fate, and the Polyhedrons of Fate, couldn’t be easier. Print them out, stick them in one of these cardboard, holiday-decorated envelopes like they sell at the post office, slap a bow and a gift tag on it, and you’re golden. You could do the same thing with Napoleon’s Book of Fate and the Oracle of KAZ.

Divining can be a fine way to pass the time on a holiday, and make for a holiday you’ll long-remember. Divination can bring enlightenment, growth, amusement, guidance, and healing, gifts which are beyond monetary value. The best gifts are not just the ones you make yourself. They are the ones you know the recipient will use and find valuable. Sometimes they are the gifts which will keep the recipient sufficiently-distracted, while you’re in the kitchen trying to get the holiday dinner made and on the table.

Indeed, giving the card decks to the recipient un-cut could be a threefer—it’ll lessen the work for you, keep the recipient occupied, and, by cutting-out the cards and accompanying storage box or envelope, and putting it all together for themselves, the recipient will imbue it with their personal energies from the get-go. Just an idea.

As always, I recommend spraying any sheets you print out with a coating or three of acrylic sealer, such as ModPodge’s™ acrylic sealer, so the ink doesn’t smear with repeated use. And if you don’t have a printer on-hand to create these immediately, many office-supply stores have printing departments. Just download all these attachments to some sort of portable drive, and you’re set.