As long-time visitors to this blog will immediately notice, I have changed the format for Divination Lessons. It is my hope this new arrangement, designed for on-line magazine-format websites, will make things a little easier for you to find than the old format did. It is still a work-in-progress, so I beg your patience as I continue fine-tuning it. (For example, the duplicate of the picture above. If anybody knows what I’m doing wrong, shoot me an e-mail or post a comment below). A few things have gotten lost in the change (and also found), so I may have to re-post some older columns in the Miscellaneous Topics Section, resulting in some old entries reappearing as a ‘recent post.’

The name of this new theme WordPress identifies as ‘Rowling’, which I find ironic, given that it was J.K. Rowling’s work that first got me asking the question, ‘If I were to design a divination curriculum, how would I do it?’ Hence, this blog. I hope you like the change.