Be prepared for some weird behavior on the part of your spinner. It may stay at the zero point on the chart the whole time. It may travel to nothing in particular on the chart, stay there for a bit, just spinning, then move and land on, or point to something, only as it comes to a stop. It may promptly visit three items on the chart, then speed away. It may just stand there, spinning on nothing, as if it knew it was frustrating you and was enjoying it.

 It may insist on spinning off the chart altogether. If it does this, assume you’re asking about something the spirits just don’t want to answer right now. It may do this with more than one chart. If so, assume the spirits just aren’t in a communicative mood right now, and take it up some other day. One suggestion about this, though: you may want to go to a craft supplies shop and buy a 5 mm-thick sheet of foam-board, then measure and cut out the center, so it forms a ‘bumper’ frame around the chart, so the spinner can’t skid-off.

To a degree, your own intuition must come into play regarding the spinner’s behavior. If the chart you’re using has an ‘End Session’ option and the spinner chooses it, take the hint and ask no more questions. Finally, do have fun with this approach to gyromancy, even if you’re not spinning like a carefree, barefoot child in the grass on a summer day. And may it give you many helpful answers!


  1. Pull out the Tea Cup chart and the Angelic Numbers chart and ask both, ‘What can I expect for my life in the coming week?’ Note the answers you receive from both, then revisit your notes a week later. Did either one of them come true? Did one come true and the other, not? Were they both true, but they picked up on different things?
  2. Try asking the same question of the Ouija-style Chart. (This may take many spins to get a readable answer). Note the answer you receive, then revisit your notes a week later. Did the answer did this chart gave you come true, in any way, shape or form? How did it compare to the same question you asked of the Tea Cup Chart and the Angelic Numbers Chart?
  3. Choose one of the other charts–Numbers & Directions, Adinkra, or Relationships, and give that chart a spin. For Numbers & Directions or the Relationships Charts, you may ask it a question about your past, or the past of someone you know well. How close did it come with what you know to be true? If you chose the Adinkra chart, did the answer you received sound and feel like the right one? Did the Adinkra chart correctly identify your problem? If you asked the Adinkra Chart about someone else, did the answer you received make sense in terms of what you know about that person’s life and situation?
  4. Do an assessment of this gyromantic method. Was it useful at all, or not? Do other divination methods work better, with less effort? Under what circumstance would you use it? Is there anyone to whom you would recommend this divination tool?