The Cup of the Near-Future is based on The Cup of Destiny by Jaime Lyle, which was based on an Edwardian-Era tea cup pattern, if memory serves me. I augmented the cup with additional planets and asteroids, and the interpretive pages follow the chart. This is another chart good for ‘What is happening in the next week for me?’ or ‘What is happening in the next week for (fill-in-the-blank)?’ or ‘What sort of progress can I expect for (fill-in-the-blank)?’

The Adinkra Chart is based in part on The Adinkra Dictionary by W. Bruce Willis. The intent behind this chart is to supply the inquirer with the kind of helpful advice you’d get from a wise and kind elder, because that seems to be the spirit behind the Adinkra symbols. Because the type below each symbol is so tiny, the explanatory pages which follow the chart give clearer interpretations of their meanings. The meanings are listed in order the way the Adinkra symbols appear on the chart, from top to bottom, from left to right. The best sort of question to use with this chart is, ‘How can I best approach this matter?’ or ‘What is the attitude I need to adopt in order to succeed in this environment?’

The Chart of Relationships is based in part on The Art of Nameology by Norma J. Watts. The idea behind this is, the letters of the alphabet bring certain personality characteristics with them, so as the spinner is slowly spelling-out the name or initials of a future friend/lover/spouse, it’s giving you clues about their character as well.  The four corner wheels are optional, if you wish to know more about this person. They cover eye color, hair color, occupation, and religion. This is a dedicated-use chart which you will only use for inquiring about future relationships. Small print warning: this chart has a lot of small print; you’ll definitely need a magnifying glass, or very sharp eyes.