The obvious advantages of this approach to gyromancy are 1.) you’re not spinning until your’re dizzy and ready to throw up 2.) you’re not waiting for fine weather in which to do it and 3.) the sheer convenience of it; you can do it indoors at any time of the year, you just need a level surface, a gyromancy chart, and any kind of a spinner. Oh, and 4.) it’s good exercise for the hand and wrist.


A level playing field is a must, because even a slight tilt will ensure your answers always come from the same sector of the chart. Of course such answers may be true anyway, but how will you know if the desk or table has a slight lean to it? You may want to acquire and use a plumber’s bob or a carpenter’s level before starting with this divination method, just to make sure the answers are on-the-level too.

Have a pad of paper and a pen or pencil handy, or if you prefer, your phone, tablet, or lap-top handy and in note-taking mode, because you’re going to be taking a lot of notes.

A toy spinning top or gyroscope is ideal for this, but you can use a coin or anything else which will spin. A small rubber super-ball with a non-resistant skin might even suffice. I purchased an expensive set, the kind meant to sit on some executive’s desk, but a handful of toy tops bought at your local dollar store would work just as well, if not better (the expensive ones are heavier, and putting a good spin on them is a challenge).

A prayer or affirmation invoking whatever Higher Power you subscribe to is a must. Since it isn’t your body spinning on the chart, but an independently-moving object, you must rely on Them to move the spinner for you. Before consulting the gyromancy chart(s), I cup the spinner between my hands as if I were praying, and say something like the following:

“Gods, Ancestors, Nature Spirits, please guide this tool as I consult this chart. Defend it from malicious influence and guide it to the true and correct answers to my questions. Thank you.”

Then place it in the center of the chart, (or in the center of whatever part of the chart you’re consulting, if it’s a multi-part chart) park your mind in ‘neutral’ and give it a spin. I think the less-dominant hand is more likely to render an unbiased answer than the dominant hand, but that’s just my opinion. You may find your less-dominant hand is not as good at spinning as your dominant hand, so if so, feel free to go with your dominant hand. Clockwise or counter-clockwise spin? I don’t notice that it matters. Whichever direction will give you the stronger, longer-lasting spin is best. You may find it worth your while to play around with a variety of spinning tools and techniques to find the one which works best for you.

As your spinner spins across the chart, keep your mind in observer mode. Try not to mentally influence your spinner’s course; you want an honest answer, not what your conscious mind wants to hear. The source I have on this method says you take note of where the spinner stops. But a few of the gyromancy charts I’ve devised (see below) potentially have more than one answer, and the spinner can visit more than one significant sector which, taken together, can comprise the one, right and true answer. So which approach is best?

Either one. Decide up-front (and you may want to make it part of your opening prayer) which approach you’re going to a take for your answer—every letter, number or symbol the spinner visits, or only what it lands on. Another thing: the fancy-schmancy set of spinning tops I own have pointy tips. They can land on one thing and point to another. If your spinner is the same way, you may want to consider what it’s pointing to. I usually don’t. Let your intuition decide if what it’s pointing to is important.