Below are some gyromancy charts I’ve devised, but this is one of those divination methods where your own creativity can run riot. Just about any subject under the sun which can be reduced to a chart is fair game. Some of my charts have tiny fine print, so you may need a magnifying glass to read them, or else lean-in-real-close-and-squint. I normally try to make my downloadable charts black and white only, but in this case, I employed abundant color for most of these. As always, I recommend printing these out on card-stock paper and spraying them with a few coats of sealer.

The Where & From Which Direction is a simple, straightforward chart to use for any questions concerning same. Admittedly, this will probably be of very limited use, restricted to questions such as ‘How may storm fronts coming through in the next 24 hours and from where?’ ‘How many thugs want to beat me up and in what direction do they live?’ ‘If I drive to the supermarket this afternoon, how many near-misses will I have with idiot-drivers, and in what direction do I need to be looking for these menaces?’

The Traditional Ouija Board Chart is revamped here for spinner-use. My habitual fears about the Ouija Board are a tiny bit allayed in this case, because in gyromancy, you’re not inviting spirit-possession of your finger-tips, you’re  inviting it into your spinning tool. Still–do a protective prayer/ritual first. For any general, all-purpose questions you care to ask.

The Angelic Numbers Chart is based on the book, The Numbers of Our Lives by Amie Angeli. This is the first chart which has multiple pages of number meanings to follow. This is good for questions like, ‘What do I need to know about my coming-week?’ ‘Where is (fill-in-the-blank)’s head at now?’ ‘What can I expect if I take this job/purchase this vehicle/move to this place?’