Book divination goes by a few different names, but each one refers to a slight variation on the theme. Bibliomancy is book divination using the Bible. Rhapsodomancy is book divination by poetry book. Stichomancy is book divination by any other random book which isn’t either the Bible or a poetry collection. In this method, you ask a question, hold your question in your mind, then grab a book, open it to any random page in the book, and read the first thing your eye or finger lands on. It could be a word, a phrase, or a whole paragraph, but whatever your eye or finger lands on is the answer to your question.

When and where this form of divination first started, no one knows. It has probably been going on as long as there have been books in print.  People may have been practicing it secretly all over, thinking they were the first to use books this way. So we’re talking hundreds, even thousands of years. But this is admittedly speculation.

A Tip

If you are the kind who uses the finger method, try to do it with your non-dominant hand. The non-dominant hand is considered to be the receptive hand and thus, the preferred hand for divination. So turn or fan the pages with the non-dominant hand until you decide to stop, point or look at a random spot on a random page with the non-dominant hand, and read the words your finger or eyes first land on. That is your answer. Book Selection