Axinomancy is divination by axe, although you may use any blade on hand. Belomancy is divination by shooting an arrow into the air. Axinomancy and belomancy are probably two of the oldest forms of divination devised and likely first developed as an answer to directional questions, such as, ‘In what direction should we go?’, Where should we build the temple? In what direction is the missing object or person? In what direction lies my (or our) greatest threat?’ or ‘In what direction (or what kind of terrain), should we establish our settlement?’ Omens were drawn from what kind of terrain it landed in and in what direction the hurled object landed.
If you do not have any bladed object or a bow and quiver of arrows on hand, a lawn dart will suffice. Axinomancy and belomancy could also be called ‘weaponomancy,’ since the object you’re divining with could cause bodily harm. The first rule of weapon divination is to seriously consider a less hazardous form of divination. If that’s not an option, ‘Safety First’ is the second most important rule. Make sure innocent parties are either absent, or well out of firing range before you start.
There are two ways you can divine by weapon: